March 15, 2009

26/365 - Driving already?!?

Daddy decided to clean his interior today. So I took Fathead outside to see how he was doing, and he wanted to put her in the front seat. 

This is what came of it. 

Whenever daddy made cars sounds, she would put her hands on the wheel, and give this coy little smile. 

She can't even se over the middle of the wheel. lol.

Also, daddy got her dressed today, and she actually matched! lol. 

25/365 - Still sick.

Fathead is still sick, and it has gotten worse. She is not getting any sleep, causing us not to sleep. She takes odd naps during the day, and she barely eats. 

Along with not sleeping, comes those weird naps. Today, she fell asleep on the kitchen table. 

This was her just waking up. I had put her there to eat, and walked away to get a form filled out, and came back to her sleeping. 

I was gone for about 10 minutes. 
My poor baby.

24/365 - Poor baby.

And poor mommy and daddy. These past few days, Fathead has been teething. She's getting two more bottom teeth in, making 6. 

So along with teething, comes waking up every 3 hours. It also brings a runny nose, and rosy cheeks. 
That's today's picture. Her rosy red cheeks.

Other than all of the above, she's been acting normal. Just very clingy, which sometimes I really don't mind. Especially since i've worked everyday this past week, and barely see her.

23/365 - Snow?

That's right. Snow. So why do I question snow in the beginning of March? Because just four days earlier, it was 80 degrees. Yes, you heard me. 80 degrees.

What the hell is going on with the weather in VA? I hate it so much. Even the day before, it was in the 60's. How the hell does it just snow over night?

I can't wait to move out of Virginia. 

And yes. These past two pictures were taken at school. 

22/365 - Tea!

I love green tea. I also love AriZona tea. I get it everyday. So when I saw this, I decided to get it. It's pomegranate green tea.

That may sound gross, but it was actually really good. It tasted like regular green tea, with just a hint of the pomegranate. 

Try it. lol.

March 14, 2009

Is it bad.

That I don't update everyday? lol. I do take the pictures everyday, but by the time I get online, I'm so damn tired and I just want to go to bed. 

Well tonight I will have I think 5 new pictures.

March 10, 2009

21/365 - I hate people.

Why do I hate people? Because they do shit like this. 

I go into work today, everything is normal. Then my friend Stephen comes in and says. "Hey. You're truck is really clean. "  Thanks. My boyfriend washed it. "Yeah, but what happened to the back bumper?" WTF are you talking about. "Oh. Someone hit your car. "

That's the conversation we had. W.T.F! Someone hit my car and ran. I hate people. Carl estimated the price to be about $250, which isn't too bad, but it's money we could have used on something else. Gosh. Fuck life.

20/365 - Nice Spring Day.

Last weekend, we got 6 inches of snow. We were out of school for three days, and there was tons of ice. This weekend, it was 80 degrees out. What the hell is that? You go up 60 degrees in a matter of three days. 

Well it was so nice out that I decided to take Fathead outside. She loves the outdoors. She runs around, and points at everything. 

So we put her in just about the only outfit we had that fit her. It's 24 months [ :( ] And fits her well. Well anyways, she decided to run around the driveway, scream hey to everyone that passed, and pointed at all the birds, trees, and cars. Fathead is a weird one

19/365 - laundry. >:(

I hate laundry. Hate it. Today I had to do 6 loads of them because Fathead had lice. Yes, that's right. Lice. She got it from my sister when she went to my mom's house. 

Apparently, I'm a huge bitch because I didn't want Fathead to go over there until the sitch is controlled. I just can't deal with lice every time she goes over there. I have people in this house who don't want it. Ugh. Idk. 

18/365 - Baby feet!

Man. I haven't been able tog et on in a while. I do have pictures from every day, but Fathead has been a butt because of teeth. She hasn't been going to bed until midnight, and waking up at five. it sucks. 

But today's picture was a picture she helped me take. It was around 11 at night, and she decided she didn't want to sleep. So she stole my camera. She pointed it, and I snapped it. It ended up being of her feet. 

We call her a monkey because her big toes look like thumbs. Lol. She curls her toes all the time, just like I do. 

March 5, 2009

17/365 - Nekki time!

Okay, well I didn't initiate it. But Fathead decided she wanted to be naked. I looked over and saw a little booty run by me. I turned around, and saw her diaper sitting on the floor. 

She then decided to get on her little zebra, and spin on it. And she thought it was funny, so she clapped. 

That little circled thing? That's her diaper. 

March 4, 2009

16/ 365- New shoes!

Since Fathead outgrew her first pair of shoes, we had to get her new ones. SO that's what we did today. 

She only went from a size 4 to a 5, so not a big jump. She loves her new shoes though. We put them on her, and she played with them, then ran around the store. 

These were only $37. And when I say only, that is a save, considering her first pair cost $50. They are so expensive because hey are Stride Rites. 

Idk why, But Carl's mom insists on those. She's paying, so I'm not complaining. Lol. These ones are pretty too. Pink, just as they should be. lol.

15/ 365- Diets. :(

Dieting sucks. That's basically the whole story. But then my boyfriend decided to get this video came called personal Trainer, and it has a whole bunch of  recipes, and it has the calories so you can track them. So far he's made clam chowder, beef stir fry, and chicken teryaki. 

Tonight he decided to make ginger pork. It was so damn good. And only 170 calories. 

so that's my picture. dinner. lol. It doesn't look like much, but it was so filling. 

March 2, 2009

14/365 - Nails!

Clipping Fathead's nails is never fun. I usually do it when she's sleeping. Lately, however, she's been such a light sleeper, that I have to do it whenever I get the chance

Tonight I did it before she got in the bath. At first, she was all for it. she stuck her finger out to me, and watched me clip it. However, when It came to doing the rest of them, you would have thought that someone was dieing. She was screaming at the top of her lungs because she didn't want to sit still. 

After I was finished, I gave her the clippers, and asked her to put them away for me. She promptly walked over to the trash can and threw them away. 

I guess I now know how she feels about getting her nails clipped. 

March 1, 2009

13/365 - Flowers.

I thought this bouquet was pretty interesting. It's not your typical bouquet, with flowers and whatnot. Yes those are little bananas, and those pine cone looking things, are flowers. It's actually pretty cool. Which is why I took the picture. 

My manager also owns a flower shop. He always makes bouquets to put in the foyer at work. It makes the place look a little nicer than it actually is. So today when I walked in and saw this one, I loved it. It reminds me of a beach, which is amazing since it's snowing. 

I actually wanted to eat one of those bananas, but since they aren't ripe, I decided against it.