March 10, 2009

20/365 - Nice Spring Day.

Last weekend, we got 6 inches of snow. We were out of school for three days, and there was tons of ice. This weekend, it was 80 degrees out. What the hell is that? You go up 60 degrees in a matter of three days. 

Well it was so nice out that I decided to take Fathead outside. She loves the outdoors. She runs around, and points at everything. 

So we put her in just about the only outfit we had that fit her. It's 24 months [ :( ] And fits her well. Well anyways, she decided to run around the driveway, scream hey to everyone that passed, and pointed at all the birds, trees, and cars. Fathead is a weird one


  1. Look at that crazy hair blowing in the wind!

  2. awwww she is so adorable!