March 10, 2009

19/365 - laundry. >:(

I hate laundry. Hate it. Today I had to do 6 loads of them because Fathead had lice. Yes, that's right. Lice. She got it from my sister when she went to my mom's house. 

Apparently, I'm a huge bitch because I didn't want Fathead to go over there until the sitch is controlled. I just can't deal with lice every time she goes over there. I have people in this house who don't want it. Ugh. Idk. 


  1. Ugh that situation sucks all around. Lice suck and laundry sucks. I can barely do the 3 loads a day I need to do. I couldnt even imagine 6. You poor thing:(

  2. Your laundry room looks a lot like ours in this pic! They need to understand where you are coming from....I swear, you put up with so much crap from EVERYONE!