March 1, 2009

13/365 - Flowers.

I thought this bouquet was pretty interesting. It's not your typical bouquet, with flowers and whatnot. Yes those are little bananas, and those pine cone looking things, are flowers. It's actually pretty cool. Which is why I took the picture. 

My manager also owns a flower shop. He always makes bouquets to put in the foyer at work. It makes the place look a little nicer than it actually is. So today when I walked in and saw this one, I loved it. It reminds me of a beach, which is amazing since it's snowing. 

I actually wanted to eat one of those bananas, but since they aren't ripe, I decided against it. 


  1. That is a pretty interesting bouquet and yeah...unripe bananas are nasty lol..I like them the best when they are starting to turn brown, they are so sweet and yummy that way!

  2. I like the pink ones. They look super tropical to me!
    Dont eat bananas ever. They are gross anytime:)