March 5, 2009

17/365 - Nekki time!

Okay, well I didn't initiate it. But Fathead decided she wanted to be naked. I looked over and saw a little booty run by me. I turned around, and saw her diaper sitting on the floor. 

She then decided to get on her little zebra, and spin on it. And she thought it was funny, so she clapped. 

That little circled thing? That's her diaper. 


  1. hahaaha, that is too cute!!! Gosh her hair cracks me up lol. I was just telling Sass today that she looks like a heathen child with her hair...but Kimi's is even more wild...too funny!

  2. Nekkki fathead! Tooo cute! I love that she is barebacking it on her zebra! Go fathead!