February 26, 2009

9/365 - How's it feel?

Well Since today is my birthday, I get "Happy Birthday", and "So, how's it feel to be 18?" all day. Honestly, it feels the same. I have no idea why. Maybe because I've been living on my own anyways, and I've been able to do what an 18 year old can do. Aside from buying tobacco products, but I don't care about those. 

My boyfriend was amazing to me today. He let me nap, he made me the most AMAZING dinner, and he did all the dishes. 

Fathead got a brownie, since I don't like cake, and she loved it. And finally, after about 4 months, we took a new family picture. That's my picture for today. Fathead doesn't look happy because well, she was tired. It was a long day.