February 24, 2009

8/365 - "Hm. What's that?"

Fathead loves to explore. She is one of the most curious babies I have ever met. She turns her head to look for things, and must always see what's going on. But this past week she has been doing the funniest thing yet. She decided to put her hands behind her back and wlak around. 

When she does this, to me, she looks like one of those professors that walks around the class as you're testing. She walks around the room, and just looks at everything.

If she comes to something she likes, she'll bend over and pick it up, all while keeping one hand behind her back. She does this for about 20 minutes, before we pick her up, or she decides she is finished. I just love her. She is a little crazy baby, and she is my world. 

1 comment:

  1. That is classic, I love that she does this!!