February 26, 2009

10/365 - New Gate

This post will be about exactly what the title says. A new gate. It's also going to be short, because I'm sick, and tired. 

Today we got Fathead a new gate. The last one we bought, she broke. We now use that one as a blocker so she can't get out of the living room when she plays. 

This one is also a lot nicer than the last one. For only $22 it does a lot more too. As you can see, we can swing it open and closed, because of those bad fuckers we watch. 

And this one, Fathead absolutely can not break. It's virtually impossible. We had her try to do it, and we've customized it to her. 

1 comment:

  1. where did you get that?? And for so cheap? We need one that swings because I am tired of stepping over ours!