February 19, 2009

3/365 - Time to Potty Train!

Yes, sadly, it's getting to be that time, where my baby is not a baby for much longer. Pretty soon, she will be running home from the bus stop to tell me about her day. But before that can happen, she needs to be potty trained. 

Before every bath, Fathead gets put on her little potty. Yes, I understand it looks like a boring one. What's all the hype about getting a wicked nice one? It's just going to get shit all over it. Yes, pun intended. Anyways, we do this, and she sits on it for about five minutes. When she's finished, she gets up, closes the cover, and walks to the tub.  

Today she got finished, closed it, walked to the tub, and I put her in. Just as I turned around to move the potty back, I hear a trickling of water. And as I turn back around, I see my daughter peeing in her tub. It happens every single time, without fail. 

Ah well. Fathead is only 13 months. We still have a while to go before she can even think about school, and the bus. All I want to know is, what happened to my little baby? The one who used to just lay there, and stare up at me with curious eyes? Man, these next 17 years will go by quickly. 

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