February 18, 2009

2/365. Who's that walking in?

Today we had a lovely appointment at 1:30. Did we get in on time? Of course not! We sat in the waiting area for about 45 minutes. There weren't many people in there, so Fathead was pretty calm. All of a sudden, the door opened. 

"OMG! Who's that?!?" Fathead decided to turn her head and look every time the door opened. She would look, say something, then lay back on her daddy and drink her cup. 

So repeat this, 20 times. Yes, that was all we did while waiting. And then a lovely couple sat next to us. Again, Fathead was interested, and leaned forward. BUt the second the lady looked, she would smile, and lean back. 

In the end, we went in, Fathead had fun with out worker, and she ate some apples. (Although, most ended neatly lined on the desk.)

All in all, my child is a people watcher. Let's see how this plays out during her childhood. 


  1. awwwww how cute!! Good job bringing your camera with you!!!! I like reading fathead stories!