February 17, 2009

1/365 - Our day out.

Today was a good day. We went out, got a lot of the things we needed for Kimberly, and a few extras. She had tons of fun being out. She just loves being outside . Which brings me to pic number 1. (yes, there will be more than one)

I just love this picture. She looks so adorable just sitting there, looking around. I also love the way her pants look with those shoes. :) 
And then we went out and bought a few things, and went to the store. She loves walking around, and touching everything. Which brings me to the last picture. (yes, only two.) lol. 

This is my all time favorite of the day. I love it. She loves her daddy, and he loves her. They also have matching shoes on. ha.


  1. Awww I love her!
    The picture of her and her daddy cruising down the aisle is soooo adorable!

  2. I love these!! Totally cute!!!! Kimi and daddy are so cute together...very nice pics