February 28, 2009

12/365 - Showers!

this pic is blurry because it was taken on my phone. but anyways.

Sometimes, when I'm either lazy or busy, Fathead takes a shower with me. At first she hated it. Now she loves it, and doesn't want to get out at the end. 

Today was a day that she loved it. There's a shelf in there that's her height, and she just stood there and played with her toys. 

She also didn't mind the water hitting her . That was her problem in the beginning. She also didn't shit, which seems to happen when she's with her father. 

And so my picture is of her, after the shower. She decided to cheese, but of course, since my camera on my phone is so lame, the picture came out all blurry. 


  1. awww how cute!! Sass likes taking showers with me...she sits at the far end and plays with her toys...luckily she never goes number two in there!! But it is a time saver, I can shower, she gets washed, all real quick!!

  2. I love showering with Cake! Its my favorite part of the day. She sits and reads a book the whole time. It cracks me up. I love showered Fathead! She is too cute