February 27, 2009

11/365 - Applebees.

Today's post is going to be short. I'm still tired and still don't feel well. 

So today we went to Applebees for my birthday dinner. We ate a lot, and Fathead had fun. She even tried to share her food with the little girl next door. 

Well on the way home, she fell asleep, and was asleep all the way up the stairs. That is, until we got her changed. She decided it was playtime. She was dancing all around playing with a mirror. She wouldn't even let me button her onesie. 

After Carl and I went downstairs, we thought she was asleep, until 10 minutes later. All we heard was he MP3 Player, and her toys in her crib. She was singing along with the music, and just having a good ol' time. 

That's the post for today. I think tomorrow I will try to get a pic of something other than fathead. 

1 comment:

  1. she is so cute! I love seeing pics of fathead!