February 21, 2009

5/365 - Nap Time!

There's Fathead. Finally napping. Nap time in our house, is a very rare occasion. Normally Fathead goes to bed at 9:30, and wakes up at 8:30. Very good right? well check this. She goes back to sleep at 10, until 12. So another two hours. That's normally her first, ad only, nap. 

So when nap time rolled around today, I HAD to take a picture of it. Now, notice how, she's sleeping horizontally. She could easily be spread out and have plenty of room. But no, not Fathead. She must make things difficult. 

Right before she fell asleep, she was laying on her stomach, sticking her head out, and had her feet crossed, and raised in the air behind her. She looked like a little kid watching cartoons on a Saturday morning. 

Sometimes I have no idea what to do with my child. But today, with this glorious nap time, when she napped for an hour, I knew exactly what to do. I napped as well. 

1 comment:

  1. awww how cute that she sleeps like that!! She is totally conked out! I think my paci when I was little looked very similar to the one Fathead has. I love this pic, so cute!